Sisodia: Will common man benefit from $5 tn economy?
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Sisodia: Will common man benefit from $5 tn economy?

By TOI calender  12-Aug-2019

Sisodia: Will common man benefit from $5 tn economy?

Launching an indirect attack on the BJP-led central government, Manish Sisodia, deputy chief minister of Delhi, wondered whether common citizens will benefit when India becomes a 5 trillion dollar economy. “Their condition was the same when our economy was a quarter of this figure and unless a fundamental change takes place their lot will not improve,” he said. The deputy CM was delivering Rajendra Mathur Lecture organized by a Hindi daily.

Sisodia said, “Today 85% resources of India are enjoyed by 15% of people and the remaining 85% people have to be content with just 15% resources. Will this skewed equation change when we achieve 5 trillion marks?” According to him, religions were founded to foster brotherhood among humans. “However, in India, they have become the biggest reason for strife and violence. When will religions bind us again,” he said.

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Sisodia slammed the central government for not having an education ministry. “Education comes under human resources development (HRD) ministry. This ministry treats us as a resource. Can a human being be called a resource,” he said. “Will the next election be fought on education, health, electricity and water or will it be again fought in the name of caste and religion. Will the government work for winning the next election or really work for the welfare of people,” asked Sisodia.

“Will we stop treating women as commodities and make them equal partners in growth? Delhi government has employed counsellors for government school children to improve their psyche. One girl told the counsellor that what was the point in studying hard when her parents used to say that a degree will fetch her a good husband. Will this mentality change if we become a 5 trillion dollar economy,” the deputy CM further said. “Two-thirds of the most polluted cities in the world are in India. When will our citizens be able to breathe clean air,” said Sisodia. “Government has mandated minimum wages for labourers. But many employers don’t even pay half of that. Same is done with private schoolteachers. When will they full minimum wages,” said the AAP leader.

According to Sisodia, India should become a forward-looking nation instead of basking in past glory. “We should encourage research and entrepreneurship if we want a better tomorrow,” he said. Turning to Nagpur, he said, “When I was travelling to the lecture venue from the airport those accompanying told me that the city was witnessing a lot of development. Cement roads and Metro were being built. When will measure development on the basis of good schools and hospitals.”

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