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I read a tweet from Journalist of Anubhuti Vishnoi from Economic Times where she faced harassment right in front of her office building. A man who looked well enough to do some work himself came up to her and asked her for some food. She ignored him and went to her car. The moment she sat in her car she realized that the man was standing right next to her window next to the driver seat.

He said that he thought a lot before approaching her for help so she 'should' help him. Next, the man unzipped himself and was also trying to pull something out of his pocket... Anubhuti somehow managed to get out of that place...

Just for the knowledge of the people, her office is very close to police headquarters and this incident happened with her on 2nd Oct.

My question is despite the Supreme Court orders why wasn't there any police or constable deployed at that time.

What is the central and the state government doing? During the election campaign, they boast about women security when the election is over they forget about it...

I am raising this question to @Swati Maliwal @Smriti Irani @Arvind Kejriwal and @PM Modi is this how you are protecting women in the national capital of the country?

calender  03 Oct 2019

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Posted By : Rajat Sharma

Posted By : Sumit Sangwan

Posted By : Sumit Sangwan

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