'The base of Haryana players should be strong'
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'The base of Haryana players should be strong'

By Times Of India calender  28-Nov-2019

'The base of Haryana players should be strong'

  • Haryana Sports Minister Sandeep Singh to facilitate all players who are trying to secure qualification for the Tokyo Olympics to be held next year.
  • The ministers said, "Qualifications are going on. The men's and women's hockey teams have already qualified, some have qualified in the shooting.”
  • Also, the former India hockey captain stressed that the base should be strong for a bright future.
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  • "I want to bring forward the Haryana players who are starting or have started because the base should be strong," he said. 
  • When asked about the suspension of coaches, Singh replied: "Indiscipline. They were not present. If they will not be present during training sessions, what they will teach?"


क्या सरकार को हैदराबाद गैंगरेप केस एनकाउंटर की जांच करानी चाहिए?


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