Illegal miners ‘attack’ ex-MLA in Ajnala
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Illegal miners ‘attack’ ex-MLA in Ajnala

By Thetribune calender  12-Oct-2019

Illegal miners ‘attack’ ex-MLA in Ajnala

  • A considerable chunk of the Ravi embankment has been eroding fast in Ajnala due to rampant illegal sand mining that can wreak havoc in nearby villages.
  • Former Ajnala MLA Amarpal Singh Bony, along with his supporters, took a tour of interior areas of border village Ballarwal in Ajnala sector where he came across five to six gorges dug around 40-50 feet deep by mafia.
  • According to information, a group of people allegedly hurled abuses at Bony and his supporters and also pelted them with stones, smashing windowpanes of their cars.
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  • Identical was the scene in villages like Sarangdev, Khanwala, Rerewal, Kot Rajda, Darie Musse and Jassar in Ajnala.
  • “Our only fault was that we dared to raise voice against their misdoings. We identify the culprits but they have political shelter and police will be a mute spectator,” they said.


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