War on rain between Shivraj and kamal Nath
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War on rain between Shivraj and kamal Nath

By TOI calender  10-Sep-2019

War on rain between Shivraj and kamal Nath

  • Kamal Nath said that rains have not ceased and drenched every part of the state and even drought has also ended.
  • In July, former chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had commented that after the Congress government came to power, the god of rain did not shower kindness. 
  • The reason Shivraj gave for rain-god not showering the kindness was due to corrupt government.

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  • Shivraj remarks on social media sites against the government’s “failures” in providing drinking water to the parched areas of Bundelkhand and Madhya Bharat regions.
  • State public relations minister P C Sharma said that the BJP was trying to malign the image of Congress government and its leadership. But, god proved it wrong.  


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