Farmers' meet resolves to formulate water and farmers' policy
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Farmers' meet resolves to formulate water and farmers' policy

By calender  05-Sep-2019

Farmers' meet resolves to formulate water and farmers' policy

Concerning about the drought situation Irabot Foundation today organised farmers meet at Manipur Press Club.

The farmers meet resolves several points demanding rehabilitations to the affected farmers by drought in Manipur.

A memorandum having all their resolutions will also be given to the Governor of Manipur.

The resolution includes that the declaration of the drought in Manipur for the year 2019 should ensure the full assessment of impacts on farmers both IN hill and valley with the rightful participation of drought affected farmers in the assessment of impacts and also to ensure that all affected farmers are not left behind.

Also the farmers demands that the affected farmers should be provided necessary compensation and other livelihood and rehabilitation measures for the loss of their crops timely and added that the government should provide free water, Electricity and free education for all children of farmers in schools, colleges and universities .

Demanding for a fair compensation and rehabilitation, the resolution added that the distribution and provision of crop compensation and other rehabilitation measures should be free from all forms of corruption, nepotism, favouritism and manipulation which will render further hardship to the already suffered farmers.

The meet also resolved to urged the government in establishing a grievance cell to ensure that farmers affected by drought can raise concerns or complaints to seek redressal and to ensure the receipt of compensation or any other provision of rehabilitation for their losses.

They also urged to participate Civil Societies in the assessment of impacts of drought in all districts .

Concerning about the functioning of various irrigation projects they urged the Government to take urgent steps to ensure that the Canals from irrigation projects in Manipur provide irrigation water to the agricultural fields nearby and also to formulate a committee involving CSO to monitor and asses its functioning.

They also demanded to formulate water and farmers policy for the state and lastly demanded to replace shifting cultivation with alternative method.

Addressing the key note General Secretary of Irabot Foundation Kh.

Gopen Luwang stressed they were uncertain whether the compensation and rehabilitation for the affected farmers will be given to the said affected ones.

President of IFM Thongam Ajit said that the farmers sold their farmlands as they cant profit from it and thus were bought by rich peoples thereby establishing new factories in the farmlands.

He added that the production of the state also decreased because of it.

The farmers meet was attended by Vice President of AMUCO K.Helen, President of AMWOVA Y Kunjarani, President of AMESCO BK Moirangcha, President of NRC S Susilkanta, President of COHR Phulindro Konsam, President of Poirei Leimarol Apunba Meira Paibi Lup L Memchoubi.


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