Daylight robbery: DMK chief Stalin slams BJP over toll tax hike
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Daylight robbery: DMK chief Stalin slams BJP over toll tax hike

By India Today calender  03-Sep-2019

Daylight robbery: DMK chief Stalin slams BJP over toll tax hike

DMK President MK Stalin on Monday slammed the BJP-led Central Government over a hike in toll tax across Tamil Nadu.
In a tweet, Stalin said the increase in toll will affect the middle class and trading community.
"The government cannot increase the toll fee without improving the basic facilities. The government's move is daylight robbery of the people. Toll can't be used to destroy the welfare of people".
The National Highways Authority of India ( NHAI) has increased the toll fee by 3 per cent at 15 toll gates across Tamil Nadu with effect from Sunday.
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Motorists will have to cough up between Rs 4 and Rs 15 additionally for crossing the 15 toll gates.
In April, NHAI had increased the rates in 22 toll plazas out of the 46 toll gates in the state based on the category of the vehicle.
15 toll plazas where toll has been hiked are
1. Nallur on Chennai-TADA Road Highway
2. Palayam on Krishnagiri-Thoppur Highway
3.Vaigunthum on Salem-Kumarapalayam Highway
4.Eliyarpathi on Madurai-Thoothukudi Highway
5. Kodai Road on Madurai-Dindugal bypass
6. Mettupatti on Salem-Ulundurpettai Highway
7. Manvasi on Trichy-Karur Highway
8. Vikravandi on Tindivanam-Ulundurpettai highway
9. Nathakkarai on Salem-Ulundurpettai Highway
10. Pudupandiyapuram on Madurai-Thoothukudi Highway.
11. Thirumandurai on Ulundurpettai-Padalur Highway
12. Valavandhankottai on Thanjavur-Trichy Highway
13. Veeracholapuram on Salem-Ulundurpettai Highway
14. Vijayamangalam on Kumarapalayam-Chengampalli Highway
15. Ponnambalapatti on Trichy-Dindugal Highway.


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