Self goals galore in Madhya Pradesh politics
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Self goals galore in Madhya Pradesh politics

By Outlook India calender  28-Aug-2019

Self goals galore in Madhya Pradesh politics

Loose cannons continue to embarrass both the Congress and BJP in Madhya Pradesh with self-goals. The scores for the week stood at two-all with both parties having suffered at the hands of two members each.
BJP member of the Lok Sabha K.P. Yadav was the latest scorer on Monday. Yadav, who had earlier been very close to Jyotiraditya Scindia before humbling him to snatch the Guna seat stoked a controversy after making a derogatory remark against Manju Sharma, Collector of Ashok Nagar district.
"She would earlier hop from village to village to meet previous MP and was keen to kiss his feet. Today an MP himself came to meet her and she is refusing to address the issues. I''ll sit here protesting on the road," Yadav said.
The video of his speech has gone viral. Rajya Sabha MP and Congress leader Vivek Tankha had tweeted to question his party''s government about illegal sand mining in several rivers including Narmada river, Chambal, Ken, Betwa and Kali Sindh .
"The operation of the mines requires transparency. 80 per cent of the ballast mines are in the grip of politicians. Royalty theft is a common practice. Just as the Narmada and other rivers have been exploited in the last 15 years, it is a symbol of public shame," he wrote.
To this Kamal Nath''s co-operative minister, Govind Singh said: "For the past 15 years, we have fought against illegal mining, but eight months after our government came, we have not been able to do anything in this matter."
Singh has also apologised for the government''s failure. His remarks came after MP Tankha''s tweet. While Govind Singh has possibly earned a few morality points, the chief minister has been shown in poor light.
The third instance was when the ever controversial BJP member of Lok Sabha from the state capital, Pragya Thakur, has blamed the opposition''s sorcery for the recent deaths of the three senior leaders of her party.


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