‘Choice of Ministers is party decision which I welcome’
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‘Choice of Ministers is party decision which I welcome’

By The Hindu calender  23-Aug-2019

‘Choice of Ministers is party decision which I welcome’

Rebutting speculation over their “disappointment” for not being inducted into Chief Minister B.S. Yediyuappa’s Cabinet and for not being able to attend a flood review meeting chaired by Ministers B. Sriramulu and Prabhu Chavan, K. Shivanagowda Naik, MLA from Deodurg, and Narasimha Naik, MLA from Surpur, have given their reactions.
Talking to The Hindu over phone from Bengaluru, Mr. Shivanagowda Naik said that he came to know about the Ministers visiting Raichur district to review the flood situation only late in the night. “I came to know about this late in the night and was not able to join them as my vehicle was not in a good condition for the travel from Bengaluru to Raichur,” he said.
It may be recalled that he could not attend the meeting in Raichur on Wednesday.


'ओला-ऊबर के कारण ऑटो सेक्टर में मंदी' - क्या निर्मला सीतारमण के इस बयान से आप सहमत है ?

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