TDP did nothing for Kapus: YSRCP
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TDP did nothing for Kapus: YSRCP

By The Hindu calender  12-Aug-2019

TDP did nothing for Kapus: YSRCP

Jakkampudi Raja took over as Chairman of the Andhra Pradesh State Kapu Welfare and Development Corporation here on Sunday. Deputy Chief Minister Alla Kali Krishna Srinivas (Nani), and Ministers Botcha Satyanarayana, K. Kanna Babu, and Perni Venkataramaiah (Nani) attended the oath-taking ceremony.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Satyanarayana said the TDP government had used the Kapus for its political gains and did nothing for their welfare. It watered down the aspirations of the Kapus and deceived them on the quota issue, he alleged.
Mr. Kanna Babu said the TDP government had promised to earmark ₹1,000 crore per annum for Kapu welfare. However, it did not spend more than ₹2,000 crore during its five-year tenure. “Except for making trips to New Delhi, former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu did nothing for the welfare of the Kapus. Now, the Kapus are in a dilemma as to their status,” he alleged.
Mr. Alla Nani said the appointment of Mr. Raja was an honour to all the Kapus. The corporation’s funds found their way to the TDP leaders’ pockets in the past, he alleged. The community would never believe Mr. Naidu again, he said. Mr. Perni Nani said Chief Minister Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy was worthy of worship by the Kapus.
MLA Ambati Rambabu said the YSRCP would not cheat the Kapus like the TDP. Mr. Naidu, who had promised BC status to the Kapus, failed to do so after coming to power, he alleged. Ponnur MLA Kilaru Rosaiah spoke.


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