Naga solution by 2019: Acharya
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Naga solution by 2019: Acharya

By Nagaland Post calender  22-Jul-2019

Naga solution by 2019: Acharya

Outgoing Nagaland Governor, P.B. Acharya expressed confidence that the protracted Naga political issue would be resolved within 2019 and Nagaland will then become one of the most vibrant and economically independent states among 28 states.
In an interaction with Nagaland Post Saturday at Raj Bhavan, Acharya said “2019 year will be the happiest year for the Nagas. I am 100% sure” adding that sentiments and the goal of Nagas should be respected and identity has to be upheld and Nagaland have to march with triple jet speed for economical development.

Acharya, who will be handing over charge to the new incumbent R.N. Ravi said he was positive that Nagaland will rise to be among the top states in the country and in this regard, appealed to the empowered Nagas living in other parts of the country and abroad to return and strengthen the lives and system at home. 
Acharya has completed his five-year tenure and an official farewell program is expected to be held sometime next week.
 During his tenure, Acharya though in his ripe age of 88 years, toured the length and breadth of Nagaland and personally interacted with the people. He was unassuming and always had a heart for the poor and downtrodden. Acharya is not a stranger to Nagaland. He had set foot in Nagaland since the early 60s and had also met the state’s first chief minister P.Shilu Ao. 
 Acharya said he had experienced both bitter and sweet during his tenure as Governor but would always cherish the love, respect, and fellowship he had with the people during the past five years. The outgoing Governor said he was hopeful that the PDA government would ensure political stability, ensure progress and bring change and put behind the political instability witnessed during the last four years.


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