Farmers furious at ‘proposal’ to close down Sanjeevani Factory
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Farmers furious at ‘proposal’ to close down Sanjeevani Factory

By Heraldgoa calender  21-Jul-2019

Farmers furious at ‘proposal’ to close down Sanjeevani Factory

The sugarcane farmers have served an ultimatum on the government to clarify its stand within eight days on the closure of Sanjeevani Sugar Factory, failing which, they have threatened to stage street protests. A resolution to this effect was adopted by the Gomantak Sugarcane Producing Farmers Association at a meeting held at Dharbaandora, on Saturday.
The circumstance that prompted the meeting was a reply by the Cooperation Minister to a question in the Assembly. The minister replied: “It is not possible to start the next crushing season. Sanjeevani suffered total loss of Rs 104 crore and the government will appoint a committee to decide whether to continue its operation or not.” 
This statement caused confusion and panic among the farmers. Hence, they had gathered to discuss the issue and convey their opposition to the proposed closure of the sugar factory. On the occasion, Association President Rajendra Desai accused the government of being hypocritical. “The government boasts of protecting the farmers’ interest, but in reality, it is acting against the farmers.” 
“Despite the formers being the main stakeholders in the factory, they were not taken into confidence before announcing the decision in the Assembly,” Desai said and termed the decision on closing the factory as “sudden and hasty.”  The farmers also passed a resolution condemning the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and Cooperation Minister Govind Gaude for proposing to close down the factory.
“Before the government takes any decision on the sugar factory, it should take the farmers into confidence,” the farmers argued. The farmers expressed anger at the government for deciding not start to the forthcoming crushing season in the factory.  Asserting that they were not responsible for the loss of Rs 104 crore suffered by the factory, the farmers alleged that corrupt officials and government negligence were responsible for the loss.


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