Upholding the traditions of Goa
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Upholding the traditions of Goa

By Navhindtimes calender  19-Jul-2019

Upholding the traditions of Goa

A compilation of autobiographies written in Konkani by Fr Jose Silveira was released at the hands of the parish priest of Savior of the World Church, Saloi. The book consists of 24 autobiographies themed on the dying Goan cultures and traditions. The book underlines not just the loss of material things but also the loss of emotional and unitarian aspects of the Goan family set-up. This theme is highlighted on the front cover of the book which depicts a drowning man trying to reach out to the rope for its rescue.
The book was printed at Anjoy Graphics, Pilerne. The preface to the book was written by Fr Milton Rodrigues. The book is dedicated by Fr Jose to his nephew, Densen and nieces, Sian and Shallet. The book is a universal call to each Goan to preserve and strive earnestly for the sustenance of the traditions and cultures of Goa.


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