Tripura, Mizoram undertake massive afforestation plan
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Tripura, Mizoram undertake massive afforestation plan

By Nenow calender  13-Jun-2019

Tripura, Mizoram undertake massive afforestation plan

The Tripura and Mizoram governments have planned to launch mega afforestation schemes in the two Northeastern states.
Tripura forest and tribal welfare minister Mevar Kumar Jamatia said the state government has decided to plant at least 10 lakh trees across the state this year.
“The 70th anniversary of the ‘Banomotsav’ (annual afforestation celebrations) would be held at Sachirambari (in southern Tripura) on July 2. From July 2, plantation of at least ten lakh trees of numerous varieties and species would start simultaneously across the state,” Jamatia told reporters in Agartala.
He said the Tripura government has already announced that it would provide Rs 200 per month to those families residing along important roads for maintaining and protection of the roadside plantations to make Tripura a beautiful green state and attract tourists.


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