There was latent anger against Thambi Durai: Jothimani
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There was latent anger against Thambi Durai: Jothimani

By Thehindu calender  27-May-2019

There was latent anger against Thambi Durai: Jothimani

Young Congress leader S Jothimani has emerged as the ‘giant killer’ of the Lok Sabha elections in Tamil Nadu having defeated AIADMK propaganda secretary and Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha M Thambi Durai by a margin of over 4 lakh votes in Karur. In this interview with The Hindu, the Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s handpicked candidate reflects on her victory and more. Excerpts: Having lost two elections – the last time you polled just about 30,000 votes in Karur – you have emerged as a giant killer. How did this happen? This time so many factors worked in our favour. In Tamil Nadu, there was a wave in favour of the DMK-led alliance and against Modi. Also, people generally have this perception about politicians that they are all rich, they don’t come from normal backgrounds, won’t be around the public. I was exactly opposite to this perception among the people. The views against my candidature both within the party and outside was that I did not have money and so why waste a seat? I think this reached the voters. But our president Rahul Gandhi was very clear that honest people, those who have done work among the people cannot be denied a ticket just because they don’t have money, that they have to be definitely given opportunities and people will accept that and make us win. I can clearly say that he pushed my case and the DMK accepted my candidature wholeheartedly.


क्या कांग्रेस का महागठबंधन से अलग रह के चुनाव लड़ने की वजह से बीजेपी को पूर्ण बहुमत मिला है?



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