Why is Modi Silent on Atrocities?
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Why is Modi Silent on Atrocities?

Author: Thamanna Abdul Latheef calender  01 Jun 2018

Why is Modi Silent on Atrocities?

When it comes to retorting over social media, almost all the national leaders have taken the advantage of the advanced technology. Be it through Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media platform, nobody misses a chance to criticize and shame their rivals. Modi is known for his active presence on social media with millions of followers on Twitter. But, he remains silent when issues like women safety, rapes, communal violence, atrocities against Dalits, hate speeches, political killings, unemployment etc. pop up.  

When nation shivered with outrage over Kathua gang rape and Unnao rape cases, BJP MLA being a perpetrator in one of the rape cases, Narendra Modi didn't utter a single word and surprisingly, his party workers and supporters were involved with the case. Though he was reluctant to talk about the issues concerning women in the country, he had to break the silence as the media put pressure on him. Finally, he said that "our daughters will definitely get justice". But his remarks fall flat as he waited so long to respond.

Narendra Modi’s charismatic leadership is well known and much appreciated but selectively reacting or commenting on issues which require utmost attention is something appalling. And above all, Modi being the Prime minister of the country has his own responsibilities and social commitments to be fulfilled. Moreover, being a mute spectator won’t make him the star in the minds of millions because Indians look up to him. 

Narendra Modi has taken a similar approach in the past when addressing the cases in which vigilante groups affiliated with his political movement have attacked and Muslims and Dalits who they falsely accused of cow slaughtering.  Although, being a talent orator, Modi’s reluctance to talk over these issues is a great matter of concern as he has the capability to educate, inform and educate the masses through his exceptional communication skills. It goes without saying that it was Modi who became the star campaigner and turned the tide and made it what it has become today in the state of Karnataka and in various other states across the country.

As the general assembly elections approach, it won’t be as same as they have accused UPA government of their shortcomings in their tenure. But PM Modi’s imprudent approach while addressing the real issues pertaining to the women and minorities is deeply reprehensible. Now, the time has come where the actions speak for themselves rather than words do!!


महाराष्ट्र में अगर शिवसेना, एनसीपी और कांग्रेस के गठबंधन की सरकार बनती है तो क्या उसका हाल भी कर्नाटक जैसा होगा ?


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