‘Conserve rivers to save civilisation’
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‘Conserve rivers to save civilisation’

By Thetribune calender  05-Nov-2019

‘Conserve rivers to save civilisation’

  • Water conservationist and environmentalist, Dr Rajendra Singh flayed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for “turning a blind eye” to the Ganga today.
  • He was here to deliver a lecture at the Department of Hindi at the PU.
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  • The lecture was organised by Kahi-Ankahi and was titled ‘Mano toh Mein Ganga Maa hu’. 
  • “Modi used to claim to be the son of Ganga, but has conveniently forgotten about his promise to save the motherly river,” said Rajendra Singh.
  • If we do not respect and conserve our rivers, we will not be able to save our culture and civilisations.


क्या करतारपुर कॉरिडोर खोलना हो सकता है ISI का एजेंडा ?

पता नहीं


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