Single-use plastic items banned in UT
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Single-use plastic items banned in UT

By Thetribune calender  28-Sep-2019

Single-use plastic items banned in UT

  • The Environment Department of the UT Administration today issued a notification imposing a complete ban on single-use plastic items in the city.
  • As per the notification, no person, including shopkeeper, vendor, wholesaler, retailer, trader, hawker or rehriwala, shall manufacture, store, import, sell, transport, supply or use plastic/thermocol/styrofoam items with immediate effect.
  • However, certain items such as material used for industrial packaging (of any kind and less than 50 microns), single-use plastic containers used for curd, kheer, ice creams, etc (less than 250 microns), plastic sachets with packaging capacity of 50 ml/50 gm and less, plastic sticks for ear buds, balloons, flags and candies, plastic refill pouch having a quantity less than 500 ml and multi-layered packaging used for food/snacks have been allowed three months time after which a ban will be imposed on these. 
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  • Those who fail to comply with the orders shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend up to five years or with a fine which may extend to Rs 1 lakh or with both.
  • Officers can also snap the supply of electricity and water of the defaulter unit.


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