UT makes solar power plant installation easy
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UT makes solar power plant installation easy

By Thetribune calender  25-Sep-2019

UT makes solar power plant installation easy

  • The UT Administration has removed a major hurdle in the installation of solar power plants at houses and other buildings by deciding to transfer the subsidy amount directly into the account of the solar power company installing these plants.
  • Now, residents will not be required to run from pillar to post to get the subsidy amount after installing the power plants.
  • Earlier, they were required to pay the total cost of the power plant to the company and after the installation of the plant, the Chandigarh Renewal Energy, Science and Technology Promotion Society (CREST) used to release the subsidy amount to the owners.
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  • There were cases when the owners had to wait for months to get the subsidy owing to various reasons.
  • The delay in releasing the subsidy caused harassment to residents. CREST releases a subsidy of 40 per cent for power plants up to a capacity of 3 kW.


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