Maan gets flak for ‘one nation, one language’ quip
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Maan gets flak for ‘one nation, one language’ quip

By Thetribune calender  24-Sep-2019

Maan gets flak for ‘one nation, one language’ quip

  • Punjabi singer Gurdas Maan’s endorsement to Amit Shah’s statement of ‘One nation, one language’ has triggered a storm in Punjabi-speaking people across the world.
  • The singer, who once expressed isolation of Punjabi language through the beautiful song ‘Punjabiyejubane ni rakane mere desh diye phiki pai gaye chehre de nuhar ni’, is receiving flak from the same Punjabis who loved him from the core of their hearts.
  • Last week during a radio show in Canada, Maan had said that there was no harm in having Hindi as one common language in the entire country.
  • He said: “When we listen to Hindi music, watch films and read Hindi literature, then there is nothing wrong in accepting Hindi.” He called Punjabi the mother and Hindi the maasi.
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  • A couple of Sikhs held placards during his live show at Abbotsford BC Canada. However, Maan allegedly responded with profanity to one of the protesters, which triggered a storm in the social media.


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