The multitudes dispossessed by the ‘Gujarat model’
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The multitudes dispossessed by the ‘Gujarat model’

By Thehindu calender  20-Sep-2019

The multitudes dispossessed by the ‘Gujarat model’

  • The Gujarat government has filled up the Sardar Sarovar this year, flooding the Narmada. In Madhya Pradesh alone, reportedly, more than 28,000 families still live in the submergence zone.
  • They have not been given due rehabilitation or compensation.
  • The Gujarat and Union governments are going ahead with this forced mass displacement of communities.
         यह भी पढ़ें:  सीएम विजय रूपाणी बोले, मंदी एक हवा है
  •  In another, two childhood friends are seen consoling each other as they watch the only place they’ve called ‘home’ go under water.
  • There are thousands of such scenes along the Narmada. Crops grown over the season have been destroyed and around 13,500 hectares of forests are being drowned by this developmental mayhem.


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