‘Transformed’ police stations in Odisha from October 2
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‘Transformed’ police stations in Odisha from October 2

By Thehindu calender  15-Sep-2019

‘Transformed’ police stations in Odisha from October 2

  • When the nation celebrates the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on October 2, walking into any police station in Odisha may not evoke a sense of nervousness in the mind of the common man as officers won’t dare to ill-treat a complainant.
  • As part of its much-talked about ‘Mo Sarkar [My government]’ programme, which would be rolled out from October 2, the Naveen Patnaik government on Saturday announced that the conduct of police officers towards complainants will be linked to their career progression.
  • “Our officers and police stations exist for the citizens. It is our utmost duty to treat the citizens with dignity, whenever they visit police stations, deal with their complaints in a professional, ethical and humane manner,” he told policemen in all districts through videoconferencing.
  • CM added: “We will follow up with the complainant, how he was treated at the station and how his complaint was dealt with. 
  • Based on the feedback, there will be immediate action appreciating those who are doing good work and initiating action against those who are not,” he added.


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