Sidhu launches another project, still not talking
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Sidhu launches another project, still not talking

By Thetribune calender  10-Sep-2019

Sidhu launches another project, still not talking

  • Amritsar (East) MLA Navjot Singh Sidhu today visited his constituency and inaugurated the upgraded Government Girls Senior Secondary School.
  • The project worth Rs 34 lakh was launched by Sidhu during his stint as Local Bodies Minister under the smart city programme.
  • He announced an additional grant of Rs 5 lakh today, while emphasising that this money too should be spent as per the demands of the schoolchildren.
  • He spent at least three hours among his supporters, schoolteachers and children and monitored the school infrastructure, but he refrained from commenting on any political issue and kept the media at bay.
  • While giving a piece of advice to the children, he said nothing could be achieved without hard work. “Education is the foundation of any society. There is no lift or instant coffee in life. So work hard to achieve your goals,” he said. He also obliged them for a selfie.
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