Seafarers write to CM, MLAs, NUSI to reduce punishment
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Seafarers write to CM, MLAs, NUSI to reduce punishment

By Heraldgoa calender  01-Sep-2019

Seafarers write to CM, MLAs, NUSI to reduce punishment

The Goan Seafarers Association of India (GSAI) has written to Chief Minister, MLAs and the NUSI Maritime Academy at Sucaldem, Chinchinim requesting for a reduction in the five year punishment for seafarers who had submitted fake certificates to obtain Indian Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC).
GSAI founder and spokesperson Dixon Vaz said, “The recent order by DG Shipping that has barred seafarers for five years because of the submission of fake SSC certificates and fake STCW course certificates has caused trouble to many seafarers and their families. We have urged the CM to look into this matter on economical grounds and to request the director general shipping, Mumbai to reconsider the punishment to one year or a simple fine.”
The association along with its committee members have decided to meet the Chief Minister after Ganesh Chaturthi to pursue the matter further. Meanwhile, they have also written to NUSI Maritime Academy Sucaldem, Chinchinim and their head office in Mumbai asking them to enrol Goan seafarers in their 


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