Article 370 abolished to protect human rights: Ram Madhav
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Article 370 abolished to protect human rights: Ram Madhav

By Thehindu calender  01-Sep-2019

Article 370 abolished to protect human rights: Ram Madhav

BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav has reiterated that they had scrapped the Article 370 only to protect the human rights of the people living in Jammu and Kashmir and help them lead a dignified life promised by the Indian Constitution.
Delivering a talk on ‘End of Article 370 – Impact on emerging India and “Kashmir: A historical correction of a Himalayan blunder’ organized by Jagruthi Bharathi in Karimnagar town on Saturday night, he said that “India is one nation and will have only one rule”. ‘Kashmiri bhi hamaara hai’ (Kashmiri citizen is also an Indian) and we should hug them and encourage development in the J&K by going on pilgrimage in large numbers to Amarnath and also promote tourism, he stated.
“The J&K is internal issue of the country and we will solve it effectively,” he said and informed the people not to look J&K from the Pakistan prism. He said that the Pakistan was not having support from any country except for China. Even at the United Nations, the Pakistan was isolated on the J&K issue, he stated.
CWC opposed Nehru
Ridiculing the opposition parties’ reactions on abolition of Article 370 stating that the Union government had not taken the opinion of the people of the State, he asked whether the government took the opinion of people before bringing the Article 370 for J&K. He reminded that then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru bought Article 370 in spite of Congress Working Committee (CWC) opposing it.
He also said that the Hyderabad State would have faced the same fate of J&K and got the Article 370 if then Home Minister Sardar Patel had not interfered and liberated the Hyderabad state from Nizam rulers. He said that the people especially the SC and STs and the womenfolk were ill-treated in J&K because of Article 370.


क्या संतोष गंगवार के बयान का असर महाराष्ट्र चुनाव में होगा ?


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