TDP to set up rehab centres for ‘victims’ of YSRCP attacks
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TDP to set up rehab centres for ‘victims’ of YSRCP attacks

By The Hindu calender  30-Aug-2019

TDP to set up rehab centres for ‘victims’ of YSRCP attacks

The TDP has come up with a “direct action” plan in its efforts to counter the “YSRCP attacks” on its cadres.
As part of the plan to be implemented from September 3, the TDP proposes to set up a rehabilitation centre for the “victims of the ruling party” in Guntur district. A similar activity is planned in the Palnadu area and in other parts of the State.
“Until normalcy is restored in the villages, the TDP will give protection to the victims,” TDP national president N. Chandrababu Naidu said at a party meeting in Guntur on Thursday.
“I will personally visit the villages along with the victims,” he added.
The issue had been taken to the notice of the DGP and the police officials concerned in the district, but in vain, he said. “If the police became helpless, who will come to the rescue of the common man?” he wondered.
Expressing concern over the “pathetic situation” prevailing in the villages, Mr. Naidu alleged that the YSRCP cadres were attacking the houses of the TDP functionaries and not allowing them to cultivate lands. Agricultural borewells were being destroyed and sweet lemon orchards damaged, he said. Above all, the YSRC leaders were intimidating the TDP sympathisers and forcing them leave the villages, Mr. Naidu alleged.


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