Meet To Improve Healthcare Sector In Arunachal Pradesh
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Meet To Improve Healthcare Sector In Arunachal Pradesh

By Sentinelassam calender  29-Aug-2019

Meet To Improve Healthcare Sector In Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh Principal Secretary for Health & Family Welfare AC Verma chaired a meeting to discuss about the improvement of the healthcare system in the State, at State Civil Secretariat on Tuesday.
The meeting was also attended by all the District Medical Officers of the State. Various issues and constraints of the districts like human resource, infrastructure, availability of medicines & consumable, ambulance services, hearsay vehicles, Central Drug Procurement Policy, progress report on MMRKK programme, etc., were discussed during the meeting.
During the meeting it was agreed upon to functionalize all the General Hospitals and District Hospitals in a phase wise manner keeping in mind the idea of futuristic expansion of the present facility. Streamlining and rational posting of necessary manpower will be done soon to fill the HR gaps in many of the facilities in the State.
Blood banks in the State will be functionalized with provision of equipment and other requisites. Correspondence will be made with the appropriate authority for issue of blood bank licenses wherever the facilities are yet to get. Five General Hospitals would be notified for upgradation into 120 to 150 bedded and District Hospitals into 50 to 100 bedded.
It was also decided to make availability of specialist doctors, MOs and medical equipment along with the improvement of health infrastructure in all the facilities in the State as per the availability of fund.


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