JCILPS reiterates stand to work for indigenous folks of Manipur
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JCILPS reiterates stand to work for indigenous folks of Manipur

By Pe-pao.net calender  22-Aug-2019

JCILPS reiterates stand to work for indigenous folks of Manipur

Stating that it is disheartening to see the Chief Minister seemingly oblivious to the contributions of the CSOs of the State, the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) Manipur has conveyed that the association has been working tirelessly for the protection of the people and the State and it is only the authority or the Government which has failed to perform its duty.

A press release issued by the convenor, media and publicity of JCILPS mentioned that it is a positive sign to witness the Chief Minister finally acknowledging the fact that the indigenous people might get wiped out from its own land within the next 20-30 years, and claimed that it will not even take such a long time to witness the changes as Manipur will become a land for the non locals after train service becomes operational in the State.

Formation of New Bihar, new Punjab or new Bengal cannot be ruled out, it mentioned adding that the fear of this situation turning into reality has long been in the minds of the CSOs of the State, forcing them to work towards combating this threat.

It narrated that long before JCILPS was even formed, many CSOs have been demanding the implementation of ILP system in the State to control the rapid influx of non indigenous population.

The student community and numerous CSOs took up the mantle first during the 1980s, followed by the ILP Demand Committee Kangleipak during the 1990s and finally by JCILPS.

Pointing out that the people of Manipur have fully supported all these movements, it informed that in 2003, United Committee Manipur (UCM) collaborated with many scholars to conduct a population study and published a demographic study report titled ' Influx of Migrants in Manipur' .

The report mentioned that the population of non-indigenous people from outside the State made up 1/3rd of the total population of the State and it was even more than the total population of the tribals in Manipur.

It continued that in the times of the Congress Government, it demanded implementation of ILP system in the State but it did not bear fruit.

Similarly, in 2018, with the coming of the BJP Government, the Manipur People Bill 2018 was passed on July 23 last year and sent to the President of the country for assent, but it has been collecting dust till date, it lamented adding that even the State Government has failed to perform its duties and pile pressure for swift resolution of the issue.

Stating that the assurances and tall promises will arrive only during election times and then disappear just as suddenly, JCILPS informed that it had set a deadline on August 16 for necessary information regarding the condition of the Bill.

Even to this day, there is no response from the Government and this will invite only protest from the public.

The CSOs of the State often puts forward many issues but the Government is often too adamant to act until and unless protests or some kind of violence erupts from the side of the public.

This has been the trend since the past, and the present Government is no different, JCILPS alleged adding that the only difference is that the present Government seems to be receptive of some complaints from the people although transforming its promise and assurance into action is another matter altogether.

On the other hand, JCILPS acknowledged that the Government is taking up steps to prevent the influx of non-indigenous people into the State and added that JCILPS is also trying its best to control this menace.

However, sometimes, due to mis-communication, issues crop up between the authorities and the association, it mentioned, urging the Government to refrain from treating the association as its enemy.

JCILPS further conveyed that many incidents of Bangladeshis, Rohingya Muslims entering illegally into the State come into the limelight and make it to the news.

However, the people do not get any further news as to what has happened to them and what actions have been taken up against them.

Many possible actions and provisions under the Foreigner's Act 1964, are yet to be implemented properly till date.

Many of the illegal migrants are caught with fake documents like Aadhaar cards, driving license etc but no action seems to be taken up concerning those who supplied the said fake documents to the illegal migrants in the first place.

This is a failure of the Government and not the CSOs, it added.

JCILPS then mentioned that if the apprehension expressed by the Chief Minister is also felt by the Police Department, then the situation will become somewhat positive.

It further mentioned that the issues currently plaguing the State like the boundary issue, Naga/Kuki/Meitei issue masterminded by the Centre etc are all serious ones and the people of the State need to let go of all differences and come together to save Manipur.


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