Fadnavis' outreach mission
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Fadnavis' outreach mission

By India Today calender  21-Aug-2019

Fadnavis' outreach mission

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is not leaving any stone unturned to establish himself as a polished mass leader when there is growing leadership vacuum in the state. Earlier, he launched an NGO called 'Anulom' to take his government's schemes to the common people.
The volunteers of Anulom travel across the state with a ready reckoner on how Fadnavis has been "the most visionary leader" to have carried out unprecedented works in the fields of water conservation, transparent governance, quick delivery of services and strengthening the infrastructure. Now, taking his promotion to the next level, several friends of Fadnavis have launched a forum called as 'Academics 4 Devendra' to bolster his image among intellectuals.
आरक्षण कभी खत्म नहीं किया जा सकता : आठवले
The forum has planned seminars, conferences, interviews and article publications across the state, taking Fadnavis' good work to the intellectuals. They have organised two thinkers' meets in Pune and Aurangabad so far. Though the promoters of the forum have not come forward publicly, they have sent out a message that the forum will work to understand the people's feedback on Fadnavis' policies. They are asking the people whether any of Fadnavis' decisions has impressed them and asking them what policies he should frame in the future.


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