Take criticism in my stride, CM KCR to Viswanath
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Take criticism in my stride, CM KCR to Viswanath

By Telangana Today calender  12-Aug-2019

Take criticism in my stride, CM KCR to Viswanath

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Sunday said he was used to criticism and took it in his stride. “Criticism is part of political life, it cannot be avoided. I keep going because I am working for the people and this helps me ignore what others say about me,” he told famous Telugu movie director K Viswanath.
The well-known director, whom Rao visited at his residence, wanted to know “How despite working hard, constructing several projects, you still face a lot of criticism. How do you cope with it?”
Viswanath also told the Chief Minister that anyone working for the people would always have blessings of God and in “this is the same in your case too.”
The Chief Minister spent nearly an hour and a half at Viswanath’s residence interacting with the director and members of his family.
Viswanath’s wife Jayalakhmi told Rao: “I saw joy in your eyes when water began coming to Kaleshwaram. This truly is a great project. Your efforts to provide irrigation to farmers will succeed.”
In response, the Chief Minister said Godavari and Krishna rivers had adequate water to meet the needs of both Telugu States and both were now engaged in making the best use of water.
Responding to the Chief Minister’s inquiries about his health, Viswanath said he was doing well. In the process, he also revealed his fear of hospitals. ‘However, my knees hurt and doctors told me they will perform a surgery,” he said.
“But I am scared of surgeries. In fact I am very wary of hospitals. You will not see any hospital scenes or blood in any of my movies. I am such a person, how will I get surgeries done on my knees?” Viswanath said.
The movie director also complimented Rao for holding the World Telugu Conference and for his command over the language and Telugu literature. “Not only you speak well, you are also an admirer of the arts,” he said, and wanted to know how the interest in the language and arts began for him. Rao gave credit to his teachers who inspired him.
The Chief Minister also interacted with Viswanath’s son Ravindranath, daughter-in-law Gowri, and movie director N Shankar. Rao honoured Viswanath and his wife and presented them with silk shawls.
Rao was accompanied by Minister Vemula Prashant Reddy, whip Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, MLC Seri Subhash Reddy, and TRS general secretary Sraavan Kumar Reddy.


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