Calls for unity to protect territorial integrity marks Mnp Integrity Day
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Calls for unity to protect territorial integrity marks Mnp Integrity Day

By Nagalandpost calender  05-Aug-2019

Calls for unity to protect territorial integrity marks Mnp Integrity Day

The 22nd Manipur Integrity Day was observed on Sunday, remembering the massive rally which was carried out on this day in 1997 to save the territorial integrity of the state.
All Manipur United Clubs Organization (AMUCO) hosted a function at Kwakeithel in Imphal West district in which leaders of various civil society organizations of the state were on the podium.
Floral tributes were offered to the people who sacrificed their live to safeguard the integrity of the State at the State Integrity Pillar erected adjacent to Imphal Polo Ground.
Leaders of AMUCO and other CSOs who attended the programme accused the Centre of  trying to disintegrate the integrity of Manipur with divide and rule policy among the different communities living  in the state.
Speaking at the function, AMUCO president Ph Devan alleged that certain forces with a strong backing of the India government were repeatedly spewing communal venoms to disintegrate the territorial integrity of the state.
Central leaders who on various occasion promised to safeguard the state were still indulging in divide and rule policy to loosen the bondage of brotherhood between the valley and hills people, he said.
Regarding the peace dialogues which India government was engaging with various armed groups operating in the state and neighbouring states, Deban said that any settlement, whether it may be with Meetei, Naga or Kuki groups, should not affect the integrity of Manipur.
He cautioned the Central government against  granting any agreement that would compromise the State’s integrity. If the Centre comes out with such agreement, instead of peace, the state will burn, he said.  At the same time, he appealed all communities to stand united for the territorial integrity, while asserting it was the only future for the people of Manipur.
In his key note address, AMUCO general secretary S Sanjoy reminded the purposed of observing the Integrity Day. 
He said that the historic march organised by AMUCO on this day in 1997 was participated by thousands of people from across the state.
A meeting held at the concluding part of the mammoth rally had resolved to stand firm to  protect the integrity of Manipur, he added.
The general secretary alleged that India government with its divide and rule policy had implanted conflict between the Kuki- Naga, Meetei- Meetei Pangal, Kuki-Paite and also between the hill and valley in 1990s.


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