Alcohol rates in Puducherry to increase as excise duty hiked
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Alcohol rates in Puducherry to increase as excise duty hiked

By The News Minute calender  28-Jul-2019

Alcohol rates in Puducherry to increase as excise duty hiked

For tipplers, a trip to Puducherry meant good alcohol at cheaper rates. However, according to the latest order from the Puducherry government, Excise Duty (ED) and Additional Excise Duty (AED) on all alcoholic beverages have been hiked.
According to reports, the excise duty for cheap and ordinary brands (less than Rs 600 per case) of alcohol has been increased from Rs 93 to Rs 100 per proof litre whereas, for medium and premium brands, it has been increased from Rs 110 to Rs 115 per proof litre. The proof litre is a measure of how much alcohol a certain alcoholic beverage contains.
AED on cheap and ordinary brands has gone up by Rs 2 to Rs 12.50 per quarter bottle, and the same will go up by Rs 10 to Rs 30 for medium and premium brands

Beer rates have gone up from Rs 20 per bulk litre to Rs 25 while ED payable on draught and craft beer made in micro-breweries is Rs 600 per bulk litre. Price of a bottle of beer will also increase by Rs 10 per bottle, reports state. The bulk litre is the quantity of the contents equivalent to 0.219 gallons.
The excise duty on wine and alcoholic beverages not exceeding 24% alcohol content have been increased from Rs 20 to Rs 25 per bulk litre. The AED rates have been increased to Rs 45 and Rs 124 per bulk litre under five different slabs.
The last revision of excise duty was done in 2017, while additional excise duty was done in February this year.
The New Indian Express reports that the government has ensured the liquor prices will remain cheaper than in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka so that sales are not affected. The Puducherry government earned around Rs 850 crore as excise revenue in the last financial year. In the current fiscal, the government hopes to boost the revenue by Rs 120 crore through his duty hike.


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