BJP is all set to pursue its Hindutva ideology: Karat
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BJP is all set to pursue its Hindutva ideology: Karat

By Thehindu calender  28-Jul-2019

BJP is all set to pursue its Hindutva ideology: Karat

CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Prakash Karat said on Saturday that the BJP secured an emphatic victory in the elections by putting its “Hindutva project” to effective use.
“The saffron party will pursue its Hindutva ideology and neoliberal economic policies more aggressively in the days to come, and try to eliminate the opposition parties by using money power and intimidating them by implementing its draconian laws against the leaders standing in its way,” Mr. Prakash Karat said.
The CPI(M) leader was speaking after inaugurating the Puchalapalli Sundarayya Skill Development Centre established by the Prajasakti Sahiti Samstha here.
The BJP would engineer defections like it did in Karnataka, Goa, and Telangana. In Andhra Pradesh too it had encouraged four TDP Rajya Sabha members to join the national party, he said.
The ruling party would also restrict the democratic rights, suppress civil liberties, and undermine the constitutional bodies in furtherance of its interests, Mr. Prakash Karat observed. In this context, he said there was a need for the Left and democratic forces to come up with a counter-ideological agenda to save the country.
‘Advantage capitalists’
“The country is on the cusp of consolidation of political power by the right-wing and, after staging a comeback, the BJP is well-positioned to dictate things with the support of big capitalists in India and international finance capitalists who threw their full weight behind it during the elections,” the CPI(M) leader observed. The consequences of this political consolidation were going to unfold soon, he said, and added that the Congress and other regional parties fell prey to the machinations of the BJP.


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