CZMP public consultations will continue: Environment Minister
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CZMP public consultations will continue: Environment Minister

By Heraldgoa calender  26-Jul-2019

CZMP public consultations will continue: Environment Minister

Despite opposition from various quarters, Environment Minister Nilesh Cabral has said the public consultations on drafting the Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) will continue and asserted that the government is determined to find a solution on the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) issue. 
“The public consultation will continue. The present process of consultation is only to decide areas of HTL, LTL, hazardous lines, sand dunes, mangroves and khazan lands in CRZ and not for settlement demarcation,” he explained, during a discussion on the starred question on the 2011 plan jointly tabled by Deputy Speaker Isidore Fernandes and MLAs Alexio Reginaldo Louenco, Antonio Fernandes, Atanasio Monserrate, Nilkanth Halarnkar and Clafasio Dias. 
He informed the House that they have already made a request letter to the District Collector to use drones to identify the exact locations along the coast of sand dunes, mangroves, etc as a part of the process of drafting the CZMP. 
“We will do what people want and what successive governments did not do. We are ready to spend Rs 3-5 crore if required. The government is interested in finding a solution to the CRZ issue and under the present Chief Minister (Pramod Sawant) we will make it happen,” he added. 
Cabral also came down heavily on certain NGOs and activists trying to create confusion and controversy on the subject. He clarified that a cadastral map can be prepared once the CZMP is ready. The local level cadastral maps would be prepared for the use by local bodies and other agencies to facilitate implementation of the plan, and demarcation of the map will be done by local agencies approved by the central government.


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