Madkaikar backs villagers in opposing Bainguinim plant
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Madkaikar backs villagers in opposing Bainguinim plant

By Heraldgoa calender  22-Jul-2019

Madkaikar backs villagers in opposing Bainguinim plant

Rising up against his government, BJP’s Cumbharjua MLA Pandurang Madkaikar on Sunday extended his support to the villagers during the march in Old Goa protesting government's proposed Bainguinim garbage treatment plant. Madkaikar has been ailing for more than year now and has been out of action.
Hundreds of villagers under the banner of Pornem Goemcho Nagrik Manch (PGNM) marched from the Gandhi Circle in Old Goa in the village and returned to the circle braving the rains to protest the proposed plant. Due to health issues, Madkaikar did not accompany the protestors during the rally, but he made his presence at the Gandhi Circle. 
Madkaikar said, “I have been opposing the proposed plant since it was first conceived. Despite it being my Government I had opposed the plant and our panchayat too had passed a resolution against it.”
He said, “When the matter reached the court, I stood by the villagers and opposed the plant. Despite my opposition, the Congress Government kept moving the file. I will stand by my villagers in opposing the plant.”
In a veiled attack on the Congress, he said, “I am aware that my political opponents are trying to take mileage out of the whole issue. They are now opposing the plant. I know my people will be with me and in the interest of the people of Old Goa, this plant should not come up here.”


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