Government will provide 5725 flats to illegal people living in HEC
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Government will provide 5725 flats to illegal people living in HEC

By Bhaskar calender  19-Jul-2019

Government will provide 5725 flats to illegal people living in HEC

The government will settle down the people living illegally on the land of the HEC.According to the plan, the encroachment will be made to the 5725 flats on the 306 acres of Bhusur, Tiril and LaBed. For this, 253.81 acres of land has been identified for these villages. The remaining 52.19 acres will be marked.
City Development Secretary Ajay Kumar Singh gave instructions regarding this on Thursday. In the meeting with the Director of Urban Directorate and officers of JUDCO, they asked to make a DPR of this residential scheme. Government agencies Judkco and HEC will mark the land for the purpose of making housing in the identified villages. Secretary Singh said that along with the flat, citizen facilities will be provided for roads, drains, water, electricity, parks, play grounds etc.There is a plan to start work on making residential colony before assembly elections.
Two intentions of the government
  • Nine years ago, the State Government withdrew 2200 acres of land from HEC management.Due to encroachment, the government has not got 300 acres of land so far. It is not easy to remove encroachment from this land. That's why the government has taken out this new idea.
  • 2 HECs are living illegally by making slums in the area. Under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme of the Center, such people and homeless people have to give a permanent home.This is the reason that the government is giving them flat by making apartments on the same land.
These villages will be built on the land
  • Bhusur: 38.5 acres: Here 1181 families are encroaching. G + 6 apartment will be built here.1200 will be flat.
  • Tiril: 88.2 acres: Here 1875 families are encroachers. 2125 will be flat Kuti's 146 families will also be here.
  • Laedd: 127 acres: 761 families are in the slums. 2400 will be flat. 137 families will settle at Ani village, Mudma slum here.
  • 251 families of Jagannathpur will give flats in the leprosy colony of Tiril
Government will not pay 100 acres of land
Still, the case of about 100 acres of land is trapped. The City Development Department is ready to pay only 200 acres of land. The department has argued that HEC's giving encroachment on the land to the people who live in the house, hence the government will not give money for 100 acres of land. Now after the survey of the land, after the marking it will be decided in a high-level meeting.


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