Villagers want to have a voice in drafting of new CZMP
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Villagers want to have a voice in drafting of new CZMP

By Navhindtimes calender  01-Jul-2019

Villagers want to have a voice in drafting of new CZMP

The rejection of the draft coastal zone management plan by the state government has not pacified village panchayats, as special gram sabhas held in coastal Salcete on Sunday demanded that local stakeholders be taken into confidence for preparing a new plan. The special gram sabha of the Carmona panchayat demanded that a local institution – either the NIO or the Goa University – be roped in to formulate a new CZMP. Although the state government has binned the draft CZMP, the panchayat has not yet received any official intimation from the panchayats department. Speaking at the special gram sabha, sarpanch Allwyn Jorge said, “When we received the village CZMPs we had also received a letter from the BDO informing us about the public hearing. We have come to know about the government’s rejection of the draft plan only through media reports… We have not received anything official from the BDO office.” Rainbow Warriors volunteers made a presentation on the rejected draft CZMP, highlighting inaccuracies in the village maps. The villagers studied their village map and noticed many errors, including incorrect marking of village borders, showing of khazan lands as mangroves and wrong depiction of high tide lines for the Sal river. The villagers demanded that local institutions should be tasked with preparing the new CZMP plan.


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