‘Mizo Peace Accord stood the test of times’: Zoramthanga
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‘Mizo Peace Accord stood the test of times’: Zoramthanga

By Northeasttoday calender  29-Jun-2019

‘Mizo Peace Accord stood the test of times’: Zoramthanga

Mizoram Chief Minister who is also the president of Mizo National Front (MNF), Zoramthanga on Friday said the Mizo Peace Accord of 1986 was one of the most lasting accords in the country that stood the test of times and ensured enduring peace in the state.
Addressing the people on the occasion of the anniversary of the historic Mizo Peace Accord, Zoramthanga said, “The country and the world have not only thanked us, but even feel envy of us because of the Peace Accord that ensured lasting peace.” He also said that the sense of valuing the Mizo Peace Accord has been growing among the younger generations “despite of some vested interests who under-rate the accord.”
“The signing of the Mizo Peace Accord was one of the most memorable moments for the Mizo people and was one of the greatest thing ever achieved by the people,” the Mizoram Chief Minister said. “The Peace Accord should not be under-valued as it was acceptable for both India and the Mizo people”, he said, adding that it was the most valuable Peace Accord given by the God. The former rebel leader also said that the civil societies, student bodies, churches and politicians equally contributed to the signing of the Peace Accord.


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