Why CM Pinarayi is on the backfoot
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Why CM Pinarayi is on the backfoot

By India Today calender  29-Jun-2019

Why CM Pinarayi is on the backfoot

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is known for outsmarting his rivals with his rare political instincts and ability to weather storms.
He had made his mark over the last three years since he has headed the CPI(M)-led Left Democratic Front government in Kerala.
After heading the Kerala CPI(M) for 17 years, Pinarayi handled the government and party affairs with cool - prescribing remedies for every issue that cropped up before him.
Kerala found a firm and strong leader in Pinarayi and believed in his capacity to bring in qualitative changes in developing the state on fast mode.
He also put up his best to change governance and people's mindset. He handled Cyclone Ockhi, the Kerala floods, and the Nipah outbreak, in close succession, in an exceptionally brilliant manner even as the media ran a campaign against him.
His delivery mechanism impressed cynical Keralites and Pinarayi was rated as the only politician with credibility. Pinarayi enjoyed his term in government when the Opposition was in disarray.
But the Lok Sabha poll results changed the state's power equations in Kerala. Soon controversies rained one after the other putting making the CPI(M) go on the defensive.


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