Groundwater crisis deepens in Kurnool
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Groundwater crisis deepens in Kurnool

By The Hindu calender  21-May-2019

Groundwater crisis deepens in Kurnool

Groundwater levels have fallen across Kurnool district with the average standing at about 13.26 metres. Numerous borewells have completely dried up forcing people to rely on water tankers.
Groundwater department officials blame deficit rainfall for the grim situation. “Had rainfall been normal, groundwater would have got replenished over the time,” said assistant engineer of groundwater department R. Jessie. In some areas, the levels have plummeted to 500 feet, he added.
The district is supposed to receive is 653 millimetres rainfall per anum, but has has received only 340 millimetres since January 1. However, the possibility of rain in early June, as predicted by experts, has raised hopes among people.
The rural water supply authorities have identified 137 habitations and have pressed into service 180 water tankers. Last, only 69 habitations were given water at a cost of ₹2.79 crore.


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