Crowd doesn’t mean votes: Jakhar
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Crowd doesn’t mean votes: Jakhar

By Thetribune calender  14-May-2019

Crowd doesn’t mean votes: Jakhar

Congress Gurdaspur candidate Sunil Jakhar on Monday reminded BJP’s Sunny Deol that every Indian was a ‘desh bhakt’ (patriot) and that “nobody was a traitor”.
The Congress MP’s retort came after the actor addressed himself as a ‘desh bhakt’ in almost every gathering he attended recently.
“Patriots do not forget episodes like the Balakot air strikes. By remaining ignorant of the incident, which otherwise has been etched in the memory of every Indian, you (Deol) have proved beyond reasonable doubt that you are probably the only patriot in the entire country who does not know what happened in Balakot. This means you have no right to call yourself a ‘desh bhakt’. Please stop pulling the wool over gullible voters’ eyes,” he said.


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