Congress, BJP blamed for India’s woes
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Congress, BJP blamed for India’s woes

By Thehindu   14-Apr-2019

Congress, BJP blamed for India’s woes

K. Somashekar, State committee member of Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist), has expressed concerns over the doubts about the transparency of electronic voting machines and over Prime Minister Narendra Modi invoking the Army in his election rallies.
Addressing a public meeting here on Saturday, he recalled reports of the improper functioning of EVMs and several retired Army personnel writing to the President over using the Army for political gains.
“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not been able to seek votes on development. Demonetisation, the Goods and Services Tax had severely affected the people. The Union government’s promise to create two crore jobs a year has proved to be false,” he added.
He also said the Congress is responsible for the present situation in the country as it failed to tackle poverty and unemployment during its rule.


क्या लोकसभा चुनाव 2019 में नेता विकास के मुद्दों की जगह आरोप-प्रत्यारोप की राजनीति कर रहे हैं ??



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