Congress to seek Alpesh Thakor's debarment
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Congress to seek Alpesh Thakor's debarment

By Jagran   13-Apr-2019

Congress to seek Alpesh Thakor's debarment

Congress is soon going to initiate a legal action against 'rebel' Alpesh Thakor for his conduct which was detrimental to the interests of the party. The party has collected all the data and reports of all his anti-party activities, based on which party will act to get Alpesh removed as a legislator of Gujarat Vidhan Sabha. While making an announcement in front of the media to quit the party, Alpesh had levelled allegations of financial irregularities, which the party has taken very seriously.
Two persons in Congress in the know of things claim that the party has sought a clarification from Alpesh regarding his outburst in the media two days ago. "He also said that nominations for Lok Sabha candidates are being sold. We will challenge him to prove his allegations. The party is moving towards legal action against Alpesh," said the source adding that allowing him to go scot-free will be setting a wrong precedent and in future, any partymen can replicate the behaviour.


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