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I Will Give Yediyurappa Govt Zero on a Scale of 10: Siddaramaiah

Senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah gave Yediyurappa led government zero-rating on a scale of 10 based on performance. He said, “it has fai...

calender 02 Nov 2019

Congress Will Win 12 Out of 15 Seats in Assembly Elections : Siddaramaiah

Congress leader Siddaramaiah claimed that in the upcoming state's assembly election the party will 12 out of 15 seats. The former CM said tha...

calender 01 Nov 2019

Can BJP Remove Collection of Tipu From British Museum: UT Khader

Former minister UT Khader said the removal of lessons praising Tipu from textbooks will not have any impact on history. He asked can this governm...

calender 01 Nov 2019