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This is My Father's party I will Not Leave It: Pankaja Munde

During a rally, Pankaja Munde made it clear that she is unhappy with Devendra Fadnavis and used the birth anniversary of late Gopinath Munde to assert...

calender 13 Dec 2019

Fadnavis Should Take Responsibility of Party's Defeat in Election: Pankaja Munde

BJP leader Pankaja Munde said that the decision to deny tickets to some leaders was taken in Maharashtra and not in Delhi. She also said that Dev...

calender 12 Dec 2019

एक्सप्रेस-वे का नाम बदल कर इस नेता के नाम पर रखेगी शिवसेना

बीजेपी की पूर्व सहभागीदार शिवसेना भी बीजेपी की राह पर चल रही है. उद्धव ठाकरे सरकार नागपुर-मुंबई और समृद्धि एक्सप्रेस-वे का नाम बदलकर शिवसेना के स...

calender 12 Dec 2019