Hoisting ‘Pakistan’ flag: Six MSF students suspended; college closed for two days
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Hoisting ‘Pakistan’ flag: Six MSF students suspended; college closed for two days

By Indian Express calender  02-Sep-2019

Hoisting ‘Pakistan’ flag: Six MSF students suspended; college closed for two days

The management of Silver Arts and Science College, Perambra, here has decided to suspend its six students in connection with the incident in which a group of Muslims Students Front (MSF) workers waved a flag resembling Pakistan’s national flag on the college campus on August 30.
The decision was taken after a staff council meeting on Saturday. The college management has also sought an explanation from the principal for allowing the students to use the flag inside the campus.
College management committee chairman Tharuvai Haji said, “In the wake of recent developments related to the controversy, we have decided to suspend, pending inquiry, six students who waved the controversial flag inside the campus. In addition, the principal should submit an explanation of why the students were allowed to use the flag on the campus. If his clarification is unacceptable, strict action will be taken against him.”
इमरान खान ने फिर दोहराई युद्ध की बात, कहा- जंग हुई तो भारत-पाकिस्तान तक सीमित नहीं रहेगी
On Friday, MSF workers waved a huge flag similar to the Pakistan national flag on the campus as part of the college union election campaign.
Widespread protests erupted after a video of the incident went viral on social media. Following this, the BJP took out a protest march to the campus demanding action against the students. The Perambra police have booked 30 MSF workers under IPC Section 153 (make provocation with the intention to cause riot) in connection with the incident.  The case was registered based on the 26-second video. The students will be grilled in the coming days, said a police officer, adding the probe team is mainly checking the intention behind the use of the flag.


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