Congress's 'Nature's Call' Dig Points To Goa's Open Defecation Free Claim
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Congress's 'Nature's Call' Dig Points To Goa's Open Defecation Free Claim

By Ndtv calender  02-Sep-2019

Congress's 'Nature's Call' Dig Points To Goa's Open Defecation Free Claim

The opposition Congress in Goa on Sunday contested the BJP-led state government's claim that all village panchayat areas have become open defecation free.
इमरान खान ने फिर दोहराई युद्ध की बात, कहा- जंग हुई तो भारत-पाकिस्तान तक सीमित नहीं रहेगी
Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, Digambar Kamat, said the government has "manipulated" facts and figures to create a "false picture" of acquiring ODF status, which he said will affect the "image of Goa", a popular tourist destination.
Panchayat Minister Mauvin Godinho had said all 180-odd panchayats have been officially declared as ODF.
"Goa declared 100 percent ODF: This is expected from the Government which has mastered the art of manipulating facts & figures to create fake feeling of Acche Din".
"This announcement will now turn all those people who are compelled to use open spaces to answer their natural calls as criminals, purely because Government has miserably failed to provide them with adequate toilets," Mr Kamat said in a tweet.
Contesting Mr Godinho's claim that the government had installed adequate number of toilets, including community ones, in these areas, Mr Kamat said information provided to the Assembly had "showed that a huge number of houses lacked toilet facilities".
"It is surprising that Government has just ignored facts and figures to create a false picture. This will severely affect the image of the state. I urge the Government to understand the ground reality by reading various media reports in today's local newspapers," he added


क्या संतोष गंगवार के बयान का असर महाराष्ट्र चुनाव में होगा ?


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