Rajiv Gandhi revolutionised Indian IT sector, says Nath
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Rajiv Gandhi revolutionised Indian IT sector, says Nath

By Daily Pioneer calender  21-Aug-2019

Rajiv Gandhi revolutionised Indian IT sector, says Nath

Chief Minister Kamal Nath has said that former Prime Minister Late Rajiv Gandhi created revolution in IT sector to enable the new generation to compete with the changing world. For this, the whole country will always remember him.
Nath was addressing a programme held after garlanding the lifesize statue of late Rajiv Gandhi near Habibganj police station here on Tuesday.
Chief Minister Nath said, “I remember when Rajiv ji started the enabling of India among the developed countries of the world, at that time the people who are taking the credit for digital India today opposed it then.”
The Chief Minister said that as a result of what Rajiv Gandhi introduced in 1984, today information technology has expanded from village to village, cell phones have reached there. Our new generation is connected to the world of Internet.
He said that it was Rajivji’s farsightedness that connected the new generation with the changing world through knowledge.
Chief Minister Nath said that Rajivji started the campaign to take the country on the path of Sadbhavna and justice at a time when the country was facing many challenges. He said that today efforts are being made to attack Sadbhavna and judicial system of our country but its roots are so strong that no such negative effort will be successful.


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