Govt. discontinues road test for autorickshaw drivers
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Govt. discontinues road test for autorickshaw drivers

By The Hindu calender  08-Aug-2019

Govt. discontinues road test for autorickshaw drivers

Consumer Affairs and Legal Metrology Department Minister Imran Hussain on Wednesday announced the discontinuance of the practice of road try test for autorickshaws drivers after recalibration of auto fare meters. The Delhi government statement mentioned that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had directed him to hold a consultation meeting with all stakeholders to simplify the procedure for recalibration of auto fare meters, Mr. Hussain said.
“This initiative of the Kejriwal government will benefit the autorickshaw drivers as well as the commuters, as recalibration will be done faster, which will also save cost and time,” the statement said. 

The Delhi government had recently revised auto fares which have necessitated the recalibration of auto fare meters after up-gradation of their software. The process of recalibration of auto fare meters is about to start shortly, the government said.
Exorbitant prices
According to Mr. Hussain, autorickshaw drivers had complained about being charged exorbitant prices by manufacturers, repairers, and dealers of fare meters for the up-gradation of software.
“The Minister announced that for providing relief and succor to autorickshaw drivers, an advisory has been issued to the manufacturers, repairers, and dealers of fare meters for not charging more than ₹400 per meter plus applicable GST for undertaking software up-gradation post revision of auto fares,” the statement said.
Previously, the statement added, after recalibration and initial verification by the Weights & Measures Department, which has now been renamed Legal Metrology, in its laboratory at Wazirpur, auto drivers had to go for the road try the test at Rewla Khanpur in Najafgarh.
‘Inconvenient test’
According to the government, autorickshaw drivers were finding the road try the test at Najafgarh inconvenient and it was also causing the loss of a day’s earning.
They were requesting for making the recalibration process smooth and convenient by conducting the test at a central location.
Re-examine proposal
“After convening several high-level meetings and discussing the issue, the Legal Metrology Department of Delhi was directed to re-examine the proposal in totality...after examining the legal provisions of Legal Metrology Act and in consultation with the Department of Consumers Affairs, Government of India, it has decided to discontinue road try to test which was proving to be inconvenient to autorickshaw drivers,” the statement said.
The Department will, from now on, issue verification certificate after carrying out Simulated Road Test Method in the laboratory of the Department.


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