Telangana Excise, vigilance department to get digital boost
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Telangana Excise, vigilance department to get digital boost

By The Indian Express calender  25-Jul-2019

Telangana Excise, vigilance department to get digital boost

The Information Technology, Electronics and Communication Department is looking towards streamlining the work of the Excise and Vigilance departments by enhancing their digital infrastructure.
In the Vigilance Department, officials in the State government said, most of the works are done manually as of now. A source said, “At the Vigilance Department, an officer is appointed to collect information, maintain a file and report the same to the department. This process is cumbersome.”
He said that the ITE&C was working on an application, keeping in mind the sensitivity of the information it deals with. “Their entire operation is secretive, so we are keeping privacy in mind,” he added.
Each department has a legal official and a representative from the Vigilance Department, he said, adding that when the application was in force, it would work across departments. As for judiciary, the ITE&C is working on an application for the advocate general. “An advocate general has around 20 employees working under him/her. When a case comes to him/her, they send one of their employees to represent them in the court. This official, in turn, creates the files and reports it back to the AG. The process is all manual right now,” another official said.
The application would ensure that manual work is automated and digitised. As for the Excise Department, the digital ecosystem that the government is working on would largely automate the license renewal system, which continues to operate manually.


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